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Byron N. Miller is a Principal with Thompson Miller & Simpson, a leading litigation and appellate firm based in Louisville, KY, with over 200 years of litigation experience.

Byron has defended manufacturers, hospitals, physicians and nursing homes in product liability and medical negligence actions for over three decades.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of South Dakota in 1977. He graduated from the University of South Dakota College of Law in 1981, where he was a staff member of the South Dakota Law Review and recipient of the Senior Law School Scholastic Achievement Award. His article entitled “Admissibility of Other Offense Evidence After State v. Houghton” was published in the Winter 1980 edition of the South Dakota Law Review.

After serving seven years on active duty in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps as a prosecutor and Senior Defense Counsel, Byron entered private practice in 1988 with the law firm of Stites & Harbison, in Louisville, Kentucky, where he was a partner from 1993 through 1998. In 1998, Byron and Todd Thompson founded the litigation defense firm that is now Thompson Miller & Simpson.

Byron has tried over 150 jury trials to a verdict in both state and federal courts. He has served, and continues to serve, as national trial counsel for several product manufacturers. He has served as an adjunct faculty member at Central Texas College and Eastern Kentucky University. Byron has also lectured extensively on issues related to product liability and medical malpractice at local and national seminars. Byron has been selected as a Kentucky Super Lawyer since 2010. He has also been listed in Best Attorneys of America since 2015.

After leaving active duty, Byron remained in the U.S. Army Reserves, retiring as a Colonel in 2006. His last assignment was as the Staff Judge Advocate for the 100th Division (IT).

Byron and his wife live in Louisville, Kentucky and have five children and one granddaughter. Byron is an avid tennis player, having played tennis in college and as a member of the All-Army Tennis Team. He is also the past President of the Kentucky Lacrosse Association.

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Thompson Miller & Simpson is a leading litigation and appellate firm with over 200 years of litigation experience. Leveraging our unique set of assets, Thompson Miller & Simpson is focused on providing the most aggressive defense while minimizing litigation costs, often saving our clients substantial sums. Our firm’s trial attorneys have defended a number of complex matters, including high-profile cases that have garnered significant publicity.

The firm was founded in 1998 by partners from the litigation departments of two large regional law firms. All of the firm’s attorneys have significant trial experience, yet the firm’s small size allows the attorneys to focus on providing individual attention to clients. In addition, the firm utilizes the latest technologies, and is entirely paperless.

Thompson Miller & Simpson has handled jury trials in thirteen states, representing physicians, hospitals, medical centers, and nursing homes nationally and throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The law firm also provides local, regional, and national representation to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and manufacturers of other products. In addition, Thompson, Miller & Simpson defends attorneys in legal malpractice cases. Thompson Miller & Simpson leverages large firm ability and small firm agility to provide results.